The house discourages the overload.

I am clear out of titles, and so I used a random sentence generator for this one. I may do that more often in the future.

This brief post will actually be about yesterday.

Yesterday I went to Costco and we got kiwis and veggie straws.

Later I made Kasha Varnishkes, a Jewish dish originally from Russia, I believe, though now it is eaten a lot in the lower east side of New York. That’s interesting, as my Jewish grandmother lived in the lower east side of New York and her family is from Russia. I guess Wikipedia is correct in saying its origins.

It consists of bowtie noodles with buckwheat and is quite possibly my favorite food. I always forget that, as I’ve only had it two or three times in my existence, but really. It’s good.

Here’s a picture of Kasha Varnishkes, though it tastes a whole lot better than it looks:

A bit after finishing it, I went to Safeway with my father and Clara. I bought two Sobe drinks, a pina colada one and black currant something or other. I really am liking those these days.

Speaking of Safeway, I neglected to mention that earlier in the day yesterday I applied for a job at Safeway. When we actually were at Safeway, my dad was chatting with the cashier and he said they are definitely hiring right now and that I will probably get a call soon. I hope so.

Yesterday, my mother helped me to block my Ishbel shawl. I have decided to call it Parsley, because it looks as much. In fact, speaking of the shawl, I believe it may have dried by now. I’ll check once I finish this post.

And now, I am finished. Goodbye and I hope you all have happy Labor Days! (do people celebrate Labor Day in any way?)


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