Marsh Marsh

Hello, all. The laptop’s back to its not-exactly-pristine condition, but hey, it’s working. I have the feeling that it may stop working again any day now…

Anyway. Today was my older brother’s twentieth birthday. It’s hard to believe he’s no longer a teenager. For his dinner, he requested that it be completely vegan. We had tofu curry and it was actually rather good. For dessert we had vegan chocolate cupcakes with avocado frosting.

Yesterday Rachel came over after school. We watched “3:10 to Yuma” (the original), so chosen because it has a song by the same people who did the hilarious and catchy song from “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral,” which was initially chosen because DeForest Kelley was in it. The same people also made the song in “Blazine Saddles.” After the movie, we went into the woods behind my house. In the space of ten minutes, we went back inside because the insects gave each of us dozens of bites. Aside from that, there were loads of thorns in the woods and we subsequently got burrs and cuts and all sorts of other horrible side effects (I am most certainly exaggerating the awfulness of the situation). Once we were partly recovered from the incident, we went with my family to the high school football game. Rachel and I played Star Trek Uno and people-watched and tooks pictures and watched the Color Guard there. The Guard’s flags were beautiful. We hardly played any attention to the game and were many times quite surprised upon seeing that another jumble of points had been made. Our team won, anyway. I suppose that was good.

School is going well, flying by very quickly each day and not being that much of a hassle. Did I ever mention that there is a foreign exchange student from Germany in my American Studies II class? His name is Max and he also rides my bus. I am eager to get to know him although intimidated at the thought as well.

One of these days I will finally get around to making kasha varnishkas, which is a delightful dish consisting of bowtie noodles and buckwheat. It sounds a tad ridiculous but my mother has made it twice, I believe, and each time I have loved it to bits.

Another thing I’m going to hopefully soon get around to is knitting a specific pair of mittens that has three finger sections. There are three finger sections because they are mittens perfect for DOING THE VULCAN SALUTE. It would be a grand old time to wear them come winter. Or fall. I’m so anxious to wear my woolly things that I feel like, pretty soon, I’ll start wearing them regardless of how warm it is. I’ve been wearing cardigans nearly every day to school, and it doesn’t matter that much that it’s hot outside because the majority of my classes are iceboxes.

Well, well, well, I better be off. The computer’s evil powers have kept me on here long enough.


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