It seems extraordinarily impossible

…that I haven’t been on a computer for more than ten minutes in nearly a month. And yet, apparently it is so.

Today was the third day of school. After some schedule flipping-around, I am now in Sociology, American Studies II Honors, Child Development III, and German I. That’s for this semester. Next semester’s flipped around now as well, in equally positive ways. I now have lunch with Eleanor, Lizzy, Ashley, and Daniel. I did have lunch with Rachel and Alexandra, but with the class changes came a lunch shift change as well.

Without computer access, surprisingly, I’ve still found ways to keep myself entertained. I’ve done a lot of movie-watching and reading, as well as knitting, though not most recently. I’ve taken to writing in a journal every night, as I believe I’ve mentioned before, and I’ve actually been fairly good at keeping up with it.

First block, Sociology, is excellent simply because it is a very interesting class with a marvelously entertaining teacher.

Second block, American Studies II, has a great teacher as well. He is funny but not overly so, and seems to be very kind. Another plus is that I have that class with Wallie and Hannah.

Third block I only just started today, but I can tell it’s going to be grand. It’s Child Development III, and since it’s first semester I get to participate in the Halloween and Christmas festivities in the preschool.

Lastly is German I, which was quite difficult to get into. Luckily, somebody dropped it and so I was able to “swoop in” and claim my place. I have it with Rachel, so it is bound to be magnificent. Additionally, the teacher is extremely enthusiastic and an overall great teacher.

Now, goodbye. The computer’s still broken but my grandparents are away once more. I am using their computer this moment. This type of situation is most likely going to be the only posting from me for awhile, unfortunately.

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