Indeed somewhat perhaps

I knitted a striped wrist/arm warmer today (with leftover Ravenclaw scarf yarn) and I’m toying with the idea of not knitting the other. I’ve been trying, lately, to get over feeling the need to match socks and the like perfectly together. I’ve also always been a stickler for wearing matching gloves, mittens, etc., but seriously, what is the need to match? This would also fit in nicely with the tealish armwarmer I made awhile back. I have yet to finish the second one, and that’s the same with a pair of neon colored socks I began knitting a long time ago. I haven’t finished the second one of that either. Anyway, I’m actually not completely finished with the above wrist/arm warmer. There will be buttons going up the side, and the buttons haven’t been sewn on yet. So, really, it won’t be done until I do that.

According to my family and a few other people who commented on this during school times, my clothes hardly ever match. I like it that way. So, why not get used to the idea of other clothing-like items not matching? Anybody have any advice for me to branch out into the world of mismatched socks, gloves, etc.?

While knitting the above (and while not knitting the above), I watched A Very Potter Musical in its entirety. It is over three hours altogether, I believe. I almost just added together all the times to see precisely how long it is, but then stopped myself. It’s not worth the effort at the moment. Regardless, the musical was phenomenal. It really was. I laughed so, so many times. The characters were exaggerated to the perfect extent, and each had the most amusing little quirks. If you haven’t seen it already, I highly recommend it. Search for “StarKidPotter” or “Harry Potter musical” on YouTube and you’ll be able to find it easily.

I also watched half an hour more of “For Keeps.” It’s okay, though definitely a bit Lifetime channelish. Still, it has Molly Ringwald, and she’s marvelous.

Tomorrow night Rachel and I will be going to the Harry Potter premiere. Her mother will bring us there and drop us off, and my mother will pick us up and bring us home at 3 am. It’s so weird to think we’ll be out somewhere in the middle of the night like that. It’s a midnight premiere, and I have never been to one of those. Though I love Harry Potter so horribly much, I never went to any of the book or movie premieres. Maybe it’s because my love for Harry Potter was sort of a solitary obsession. I didn’t talk about it very often to friends, much less family (they’re the sort [especially Clara] to enjoy seeing the movies and never even read the books, whereas I always feel as if I have some loyalty to the book of a movie, making sure to read the book before seeing the movie, if I am aware of it). I despise, for some reason, how Clara claims to love Harry Potter so much and she says she hates the books. She’s never even tried reading them. I don’t know why, but it positively infuriates me that she acts this way. It’s almost as if I can’t help it.

EDIT: And you can bet I have my jujyfruits ready for the premiere.


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