So this is what it’s like to go places

Today was a strange day, in that it was fairly… dare I say normal? I woke up after noon, a typical teenage thing to do.

Then I watched part of “For Keeps,” which is decidedly normal, for me, at least, and next I finished re-reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and knit two little bracelets for Lydia.

I befriended two people on facebook today who I was friends with in elementary school. That was moderately strange.

Around five something, the parentals, me, Clara, Benny, Zinnia, and Lydia went out. Firstly we went to this pizza place very far away that my father really loves.

Next, we went to the graveyard where F. Scott Fitzgerald is buried, and I left a piece of paper on his gravestone where others had left pennies, pens, and the like. The piece of paper was folded many times and is one that I found near the library and had been keeping for a few weeks. It had an order for a sandwich place on it.

After visiting there, we went to a big playground. By this time it was getting very dark, and before long Benny accidentally (don’t ask me…) punched my mother in the face, thus doing something or other to her glasses that made them then unusable. So, then we left, and on the way home we picked up mistake bags from an ice cream place (six mistaken ice cream orders of the day in one convenient paper bag). We’ll eat them tomorrow, I suppose.

Oh, and Rachel and I began making plans for the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiere! I am SO excited!!!

Here is a picture I found online of the very same grave I visited (naturally, he only has one grave):


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