YOU know what I mean

Okay, I’m still dizzy and all, but enough about that.

Today I knitted a TRUST SNAPE wristband. The original pattern called for yarn much thinner than the correctly colored yarn I have, so I pretty much winged it, creating a new chart and everything.

Today, also, I read about two hundred more pages of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, watched an episode of a television show called Intervention. This particular episode was basically a documentary about these two girls, who are twins, who had anorexia.

Additionally, I watched the rest of Funny About Love. The ending made me smile just as much as I figured it would. I do love a happy ending.

Other than the above I did, well, not much of anything.

Coyotes seriously creep me out

but BABY coyotes, on the other hand, are adorable!

Why are baby versions of terrifying animals so cute?


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