Awash with weariness and the wonders of the wallaby

The title was merely a way of using using a minimum of three W’s in the title. A little challenge, if you will. Pay no mind.

As I mentioned in this morning’s post, I woke up feeling pretty sick. It hasn’t gotten much better, possibly worse. The dizziness, especially, has been horrible. I can’t turn my head too quickly or it gets even more awful.

Speaking of awful, my motherly unit was in a dreadful mood today, meaning I couldn’t just lay down and relax to get over my sickness. I found that she was yelling at the silliest of things, and not seeing any forms of reason.

Nevertheless, I did manage to get some bits and pieces of stuff over with. Never mind,that’s a horrid way of describing that I DID end up doing a few things today. I’ll just go with that.

So, I watched about forty-five minutes of Funny About Love, and I played Star Trek Uno with Clara and Emma, and I read about a hundred and fifty pages of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (I figured I might as well pick up again with re-reading it like I meant to months ago). I’m using the Hedwig bookmark I got yesterday, which is exciting. I almost look forward to being interrupted from reading, just so that I can put the bookmark in and look up sternly.

Oh, also, I began a pair of wrist warmers meant to look like a pair Rose wore in a particular Doctor Who episode. It’s a pretty fine gauge, though, so they’re boring me and I might rip it all out to start something else.

Speaking of nothing specifically, aren’t wallabies cute? Here’s a picture of an orphaned wallaby named Skippy with an umbrella. I do not know the connection:

And, because I’m ridiculously in love with him, here’s a picture of a young Albert Einstein:


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