An Evening of Books and Otherwise

So, last night was my Mommy and me night (we do those every summer in my family). Before leaving, I babysat Lydia and watched some Twilight Zone and Shatner’s Raw Nerve (with Leonard Nimoy!!!) and after leaving we headed off to Borders.

I got a twenty-five dollar gift card (I always want to call it a gift ‘certificate’) for my birthday and I hadn’t used it as of yet, so it was the perfect time. I like having gift cards because I have a horrendous time buying things with actual money (more about that later… I’m terribly indecisive) so having something that pretty much forces you to confine it to one store (though the gift card can be used at Waldenbooks and somewhere else as well- same category of stores, anyway) is excellent.

The first thing I bought was pretty much a given as soon as I saw it:

Star Trek Uno!

Next was a bit more difficult to decide on, but I ended up buying this:

41 Stories by O. Henry!

After Borders, we went to Philly’s for dinner, and then on to WONDER BOOKS (oh, and I re-realized for the umpteenth time that it’s actually called Wonder Book, without the S on the end, but after calling it Wonder Books for so long it will be hard for me to change.

Okay, so we spent AGES in Wonder Book, because it is so awesome. I ended up being more drawn to the sales, mainly the dollar section (which boasted a frightening amount of books about Scientology), and I ended up bringing home:
-A Russian-English dictionary (it’s HUGE and all Russian books were ninety-nine cents, so I got it for LESS THAN A DOLLAR)
-A Russian children’s book translated into English (written by Alexander Pushkin)
-A ninety-five cent print that I got just because I liked it (upon closer research, I have found that it is a print of Francois Marius Granet, an adorable French painter)
this is pretty much exactly what it looks like:

-Three postcards, two with pictures of foreign scientists on them and one with the Toy Story crew on it… I’ve always loved Toy Story (postcards were three for a dollar)
-A book of Alfred Hitchcock’s anthologies (one dollar)
-A Hedwig bookmark (rest in peace)

And then, our evening was over and I had the worst’s night sleep of my life. It involved a nightmare where I was being shot at at a mall, freezing cold temperatures, waking up literally every couple of minutes, and then me waking up, taking my temperature, and realizing that I really am sick, running a temperature and everything. That’s strange, because I hardly ever get sick, and I only missed one day of school last year for being sick. (the other day I was absent was when I missed the PSATs because I forgot it was a full day of school)

I’ll probably have a nap now and hope that my throbbing head rests soon.

Aw, I just looked up a picture of Alexander Pushkin, and he’s fantastically cute:

EDIT: I was going to dutifully post last night, but as it turned out our computer wasn’t working. It’s all better now.


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