Increasingly more frequent

You know those days where you just want to MAKE SOMETHING, anything? Like, you search around the house and want to pull your hair out and jump around and DO SOMETHING with your life? Yes? No? Maybe so? Well, those days have been coming around much more often than usual for me. Maybe because it’s the summer and I have so much more time to dwell on things like this. I had so many IDEAS today, and not one of them was followed through with. Actually, I DID cut the toes off a few mismatched striped toe socks to turn them into fingerless gloves, but they don’t even fit that well, so that was sort of a flop.

Anyway, I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I could go to Goodwill tomorrow, I’m in that kind of mood, except tomorrow’s the fourth of July and everything’s closed.

Boy, now I feel like watching cheesy horror movies EXTREMELY LOUD and making some more plastic bag yarn (I began the hopefully successful process of making yarn for PLASTIC BAG YARN LEGGINGS today). I’m in one of those FREQUENT moods where I wish I’d been born in a different decade, mostly because my mother taped Namu The Killer Whale, a movie from 1966 that she watched as a child, and 60’s movies and 70’s movies and every-decade-movie-other-than-the-two-thousands always seems to be so much BETTER, so much more WHOLESOME, or, rather, more MEANINGFUL. I’m getting nostalgic for times I never lived through…

All of these crazy moods are slowly overtaking my normal being and I feel almost like pretty soon I’ll WITHDRAW from society and stay away from computers and cell phones and find myself a TARDIS and go zooming into the past. I don’t care where, just drop me off and whiz away. I feel almost like, pretty soon, I’ll be living so much in the past that I won’t be able to get back to the present.

Now, that’s crazy talk.


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