I had a lot of sleep

Last night, I went to sleep at 5 pm. I meant to take a quick nap, two hours, and even set an alarm to wake me up then. I didn’t hear it, though, and it was very strange to wake up at 8:21 am thinking it was still the night before. So, now I’m well-rested and all, and going to Wednesday club in under an hour.

This morning I was watching home movies, from when I was two or so. It was strange not only to see everybody so much younger but also to hear everybody’s voices so different.

After that, I’ve been watching Doctor Who and fooling around with knitting a bookmark that has a miniature sock on both ends. That’s cu-ute. (I guess that saying doesn’t have the same effect in its written form)

Here’s a picture of Spock and Kirk as Chicago gangsters in “A Piece of the Action.”


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