Remember that one time…?

The thing I love best about sleepovers is all of the hilarious spur-of-the-moment jokes and all in all the deliriously happy laugh marathons more effectively experienced when one stays up ALL NIGHT LONG.

The playdate (what else do you expect me to call it?) at Rachel’s yesterday turned into a sleepover, and it was THE BEST. I always say that, I know, but friend gatherings get better each and every time. It was Kaitlyn, Rachel, and I, and let me tell you, Kaitlyn and Rachel are two of the most hilarious people ever.

At one point we went on a walk, and the camcorder was out of batteries so we couldn’t shoot the movie but it was still the best, as I already mentioned. At 8 pm, Kaitlyn watched some American Idol whatsit or whatever on television, and during this time Rachel and I watched and acted out various Star Trek related things. There was a particularly memorable group of scenes in the dollhouse using the Spock, Kirk, and McCoy action figures (and also the adorable miniature Spock action figure Rachel got). Later there were also similarly memorable scenes involving us as redshirts, as Chekov and Charlie, and of course as the tried-and-true Spock and Kirk.

During this particular sleepover, there was a positive overabundance of fanfiction reading. We managed to plow through quite a lot of EXTRAORDINARILY humorous ones, such as Hey Arnold ones and Lord of the Rings/Brady Bunch crossovers and lots and lots of Star Trek related fanfiction, of course. There were so many gems. The Hey Arnold ones were some of the best, especially Kaitlyn’s “Gerald voice,” as we named it after she used it when acting out the character of Gerald from Hey Arnold. It was a sort of Jamaican accent, and quite endearing.

Unfortunately, Kaitlyn had to leave at 9 this morning, though after she left we discovered the greatest fanfiction writer in the history, Storyprovider. He is Finnish, and absolutely darling. He weaves such masterpieces as Superman and Stalin the Love Story and other such winning tales.

P.S. Gomer Pyle may sound vile, but do not worry, for he is not.


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