I’m typing up this dream before I forget it

I know I’ve done this before.

I had the most horrible nightmare last night, and the worst part was that it lasted years and all of them I was in pain.

I had something under the skin on the bottom of my foot, something people were calling a ‘charcoal iron.’ It basically looked like a miniature iron. I’m not really sure what it actually was, but it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt. Every step I took, the pain worsened, and my foot became swollen in purple and black hues. Then I saw that another object was under the skin of my foot, my other foot, and it appeared to be a two inch long spear. You could see the outline of it under my skin, and it was horrible.

In this nightmare, I was living somewhere in the United Kingdom, but was still an American. The hospitals refused to treat me because of this, because I was a tourist, and for some reason or another I wasn’t able to go home either, so I lived there for years with this pain with every step, getting more horrible all the while.

When I woke up, I almost cried, with joy, that the whole thing had been a dream and no longer seemed a reality. Still, I’m walking carefully, because I can still very nearly feel the pain of the steps in my nightmare.

I just looked it up, and it turns out charcoal irons DO exist, though they are not miniature.

Here’s a picture of one:
(doesn’t it look menacing? how would you like to have a miniature one under the skin of your foot?)

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