How it affects us

Today Billy Mays died. I found that I was actually a lot more upset upon hearing about his death than I was about hearing about Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett, and Ed McMahon’s deaths. I think that’s because Billy Mays always seemed so healthy, and I saw him in his commercials on a regular basis. I’m pretty sure I wrote about him in a post sometime in the past few months, about how his commercials made me want to buy the product advertised no matter how useless or mundane a task it involved. His enthusiasm, his spirit, and all else about him will be sorely missed. I even bought mighty putty after being so persuaded by the mighty putty commercials. I still have it and it smells awful and has never been used, but now I can keep it as a sort of memory for the wonderful man who enthused me into buying it.

Today I went to work with my father, and it was terribly dark and scary when I looked down the halls. While I was doing puzzles from my Brain Puzzles book in my dad’s office, we heard this terrifying sound like somebody being put under one of the deepest forms of torture, Count Rugen’s pain machine at the third notch, perhaps. It was horrible.

Later, once we arrived home, I knit three quarters of a purple slipper and then frogged it all. While doing this, I watched maybe three episodes of Doctor Who as well as one episode of Star Trek.

Tomorrow I’ll be babysitting until 4:45 ish and then heading over to Rachel’s house. We’re going to do our first filming of the horror movie and it shall be MARVELOUS. It’s going to be horrifyingly difficult to keep from laughing, but luckily laughing can often be disguised as crying or screaming, so maybe it will work to my advantage. It will be extremely fun, either way.

An umbrella:

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