Based on the time

Today I woke up at 1:02 pm. That was really awful because I felt like nearly the whole day was over. I couldn’t stop thinking of all that wasted time when I was SLEEPING.

Still, I did manage to get the heel done on the first sock, and I watched a movie called The Illusionist which was pretty good.

It turns out I was supposed to get some bloodwork done tomorrow, with us leaving around 8 am. I didn’t know that, though, and I ate a cookie a little while ago. You’re not supposed to eat anything for twelve hours prior to the appointment, so it will have to be done some other time. I am definitely not looking forward to getting this bloodwork done. I’m sure I’ll faint, or cry, or something. Shots are dreadful, but having some of your blood DRAINED from you is infinitely worse, even if it is done so to benefit oneself.

Well, it’s very early compared to the time I usually go to bed and so I may finished watching an episode of Doctor Who (Gridlock of season three) that I started earlier today, and so I bid you.

Here’s a picture of two baby bilbies in a hat for your enjoyment since this, as like yesterday, is a short post:

The bilby is a marsupial that lives in the desert. It also happens to be an omnivore.

And, here is a picture of a baby sloth because it is one of the cutest things ever:


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2 Responses to “Based on the time”

  1. Laura Says:

    Sloths are probably one of my favorite animals ever, if not my favorite animal ever. They’re just so awesome.

  2. lizaanne42 Says:

    Gridlock’s one of the better episodes, I think; although, the Shakespeare Code’s my favorite of season 3.

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