“Read as if your mind depended on it.”

Today my uncle came over to wish my grandfather a happy father’s day, and he brought me this shirt:

He works at Wonder Book in the warehouse and I’m guessing got it there for free. I’m pretty much in love with this shirt. We only see my uncle about once or twice a year, and for some strange reason he brings me a t-shirt every time. He doesn’t bring anybody else anything, t-shirts or otherwise. I’m not really sure why, but they tend to be awesome, so I am not complaining.

Other than that, there was the usual father’s day gobbeldygook, the breakfast in bed and giving of the shoes (my dad picks out a pair of shoes every year a few days before Father’s Day and then we wrap them up and give them to him) and all. We picked names out of a hat for Mommy and Me and Daddy and Me nights (I’m first for the primer and fourth for the latter) and then in the evening a few of us went up to Safeway to get some ice cream to bring back home. Oh, and we had curry chicken for dinner. My mother cooks a mean chicken curry. It’s great.

I’ve now begun the tests and such for my plan to knit a skirt. It will be purple, or at least starting out purple, as I may add stripes later on.

It’s 12:34 am!!! 1234! That is lucky indeed and the perfect stopping point for this post.


P.S. I know I’ve said this before, a really long time ago, maybe, but I’ll say it again: baby foxes are adorable!

(and Fennec foxes in particular)

Here’s a baby chameleon thrown in for good measure:


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One Response to ““Read as if your mind depended on it.””

  1. Fantastically Fraught Says:

    I love fennec foxes!

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