Hmm, let’s see

I really did nothing today, or nothing of any lasting significance. I watched part of a “cubicle comedy” independent horror film called New Guy, and I went to the grocery store and such with my mother and Zinnia and Emma and Abie, but other than that…

I had a number of botched attempts to begin knitting various skirts and cardigans and other big projects, but other than that…

My mother evened out my bangs a bit and plucked my eyebrows (I hate that, but she got these new very tiny adorable little scissors so it doesn’t hurt even a bit) just a little while ago, but other than that…

Umm… I looked around on Ravelry for a long while (as I am often so fond of doing) but other than that…

My summer’s been more or less just as uneventful and laze-around-the-house as it always is.

EDIT: Oh, but tomorrow’s Father’s Day, so I’ll actually have some stuff to do.


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