I’ll admit it

I “squee”d a lot today. Why? BECAUSE THE STAR TREK ACTION FIGURES ARRIVED. And no, not only that, but also the CD arrived! I took an extraordinarily grandiose amount of pictures, but I still haven’t found my camera cord and so I still can’t put up any pictures. The figures are amazing, though. Really. McCoy’s hands are of course perfectly formed for grabbing and unable to hold the phaser Kirk comes with. Spock looks very fitting holding his science tricorder, and McCoy looks like… well, McCoy… when he holds his medical tricorder. The CD is great and I’ve been listening to it for ages.

In addition to these fantastical happenings, I am soon going to be going out to dinner with my grandparents, ALL BY MYSELF. This has never happened before, the the best of my knowledge.

Other than fooling around with the CD and action figures, today I did some knitting and… pretty much nothign else. Oh, but Abie made me a three-dimensional U.S.S. Enterprise out of paper, and it it FANTASTIC, and so I spent awhile finding the perfect place to hang it up in my room.

OH OH OH, I just remembered something else I did: I made a Star Trek notebook out of the Star Trek cereal cereal box! I did this by cutting the cover and back cover off of a blank spiral notebook, and then I glued the box in in some way, and it all left me with the GREATEST PLACE EVER for writing down my thoughts in. Coincidentally, I actually began to write in the journal I got for my birthday from my aunt and uncle about a week ago. I’ve been writing in it every night since then.

Well, I’m supposing it’s very nearly the time to go out to dinner, so goodbye. I still haven’t found my library book, in case you’re wondering, though I’m guessing it will show up the day after I end up paying for it. The same thing happened with The Phantom of the Opera.

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