The game plan

for yesterday was that I was going to post, and I was all ready to do so, but after a brief run-in with the law I was rendered unable to do so.

Actually, one of my parental units merely told me to stay off the computer for the night because they felt I had brushed off my sister Emma when she attempted to check her email, despite the fact that she inquired as much when it was already after her bedtime.

Anyway, I’m not holding a grudge, I am generally entirely incapable of such feelings for an extended period of time.

…I feel like I’m using my more wayward writing voice. It seems like I switch off every couple of days, and sometimes I sound positively ridiculous and others I sound halfway intelligent…

Now, let us commence.

Yesterday I watched Wall-E because there were no other semi-worthy movies in the house to view while finishing the navy beanie. Everybody and their alter egos have told me that Wall-E is fantastic, truly fantastic, and with such a seemingly worldwide love of the film I decided to give it a go, as we own it on DVD and have for some time.

Unfortunately, I could not find myself to enjoy it. I very nearly pondered turning it off in favor of one of Will Smith’s ridiculous movies that are pretty much all the same (and ALWAYS have Will Smith shirtless for some seemingly unimportant reason) and are action films, which I almost always deplore. But, I kept telling myself it would get better, and it never did, and it was over. Luckily I had accomplished my main point in watching it, as I finished the Spock beanie and it fits absolutely perfectly. I even wore it to sleep last night.

Yesterday also happened to be the last day of required school for my sophomore year, as today is Make-Up Exam Day and I only missed one or two full days of school, both earlier in the year. Rather than staying up late, though, I went to bed at my schooltime bedtime of ten o’ clock on the dot and then woke up at the practically perfect time of 9:29 am, meaning that when I had gotten out of bed it was exactly nine-thirty. I believe nine-thirty in the morning is one of those times of day that is exceedingly perfect in every way. It’s not too late and not too early, and a perfectly acceptable time to wake up yet leaves you feeling as if you’ve slept in a bit. This particular wake-up time also meant that I had approximately eleven-and-a-half hours of sleep, surely the most I’ve had in the past year, disregarding the few times when I slept almost all day on PURPOSE (I find it an interesting challenge to do so when I have nothing to do on that day).

Today I aim on knitting something, connotating that I will spend some time searching on Ravelry for an acceptable pattern. It would be simple to find another hat pattern and make an entire hat today, but I’ve made dozens of hats already and am becoming rather bored of them all. That is in addition to it being almost summer now, and hats are customarily not needed in hot weather.

So, I will find something else to make. I will do that now.

Oh, I started keeping a journal last night. I do like writing in blue pen on thin lines and filling up pages. It gives a certain quality that typing and blog-writing can never amount to, and it’s a more physical memory of the dates described.


P.S. OH and guess what?!? I passed Pre-Calc! I’m not exactly sure of the percentages and whatnot, but I passed, and that is enough for me.


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