A Day of Marvelous Proportions

One of those animal adoption commercials is on. They’re always exactly the same.

Now, away from the side note. My day, or my day after my morning post:

I knit a scarf with four types of yarn held together.

I knit a blue and magenta wristband that says “Live Long and Prosper” on it. Yessiree, I taught myself fair isle and made up a chart and everything! It was really a test knit for a Live Long and Prosper hat, but in the meantime I will WEAR IT TO PIECES.

I was on Ebay for about three bajillion years and I bought these AMAZING and UNBELIEVABLE pins:

and then came the kicker. I saw these Star Trek action figures:

(there’s a better picture here: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_c_MaBzzRV2A/SiKyyLH__mI/AAAAAAAACF0/P0Q-y97PcLE/s1600-h/st-trio1.jpg)

or this SET of Star Trek action figures, rather, complete with McCoy, Kirk, and Spock, along with two MEDICAL TRICORDERS and a PHASER, and I watched the item obsessively for over an hour while listening to a Fandomania podcast (actually quite interesting, I’d never heard of them before) and then I BOUGHT THE ACTION FIGURES. I am the happiest clam in the sea, the sparkliest star in the sky, the most cheerful of them all. I can not wait for it all to arrive in the mail. That, and my Best of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner CD, and my Star Trek command officer t-shirt, and THE HAPPINESS the above will bring.

Oh, and I watched Spock’s Brain today, and also The Menagerie Part II, and both were excellent, though the primer was delightfully ridiculous.

Tomorrow is Wednesday Club (Rachel and I are carpooling and we might end up being the only ones there, but SO WHAT?) and I also have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow. I think I’ll change my braces to primary colors, like the red shirts, blue shirts, and yellow shirts of the Enterprise. It would be hilariously unfortunate if all of my teeth with red bands on them simultaneously ROTTED. Never mind, I guess that wouldn’t be too good…

Well, I still have a library book lost (The Clothes They Stood Up In) and I need to find it to return it tomorrow.

So, goodbye. Live long and prosper, and have a LOVELY day tomorrow, the loveliest day around.


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