You’re never going

to believe this, but I had a dream last night that featured LEONARD NIMOY, in a way.

It started with me being on drugs, and everybody else I hung out with was on drugs too. My name was Jimmy and I lived in a CARTOON. It reminded me vaguely of that one Twilight Zone episode in the Twilight Zone movie. Anyway, I lived in a cartoon as in, I was a cartoon character, as was everybody else who was on drugs. The cartoon was a reality tv show of me, and it was called something like “Jimmy’s World” or “Life with Jimmy” or something of the sort. I don’t know if I’m just digging to find some deeper meaning, but isn’t it like the people on drugs suffered from a fake reality, full of hallucinations while the people NOT on drugs lived normal, happy lives as PEOPLE rather than colorful drawings?

Well, so I was walking around town on a sidewalk with a druggie “friend” and then there were cars stopped on the road right next to us. We stopped walking and, to my surprise, Leonard Nimoy was sitting in the back of the car directly next to us. I was speechless, excited despite the effects of the drugs, and my “friend” started babbling, saying, “Oh, you’re in that movie!!! You know, the movie!!! With David!” David is Kirk’s son featured mainly in the third movie, The Search for Spock. Well, Leonard Nimoy looked us both right in the eye and said, “No, that wasn’t me. You’re thinking of someone else,” except it sounded much more intelligent. That was the basis, anyway.

Okay, so it was obvious that he knew we were on drugs, and that was why he told us we were thinking of somebody else. Then he whispered something to his driver, or the person up front, anyway, and then he sort of held up his hand, like a motionless wave, and he drove off.

So, there, the moral I can find is that one should NEVER DO DRUGS because of, among infinite other things, if you happen upon Leonard Nimoy then he will DRIVE AWAY, literally and figuratively.

I was/am never ever going to do drugs anyway, but this even FURTHER strenghtened my beliefs, as why would I want to take something that would make me cartoon-like, make Leonard Nimoy dislike me?

Oh, and I definitely realized the correlation: my name was Jimmy, much like a certain CAPTAIN JAMES TIBERIUS KIRK. Coincidence? I think not.

That is all I had to say. Other than, that is, that Rachel is coming over to my house on Friday for a Star Trek party sleepover! Third time’s sure to be a charm!


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