Why is it

that my mother so dislikes the 80’s? Or, not really the eighties altogether, but the bright clothing of the 80’s? Personally, I love all of the vibrant colors and everything, and yet… hmm, let me tell you about my day before I get into this…

So this morning I went with my father to Weis, where we found this awesomenessm of a gem:

Star Trek cereal. At Weis. How awesome is that?!? And guess what else? It was only TWO DOLLARS. Two measly dollars for something as fantastically epic as that. I’m going to eat it all the time. Or, rather, more often than not. And then I’ll buy more. And more. And more. It’s limited edition, so I better stock up. You can bet that I’ll be keeping the boxes.

Nextly we went to T. J. Maxx to look for some work shoes for my father. No luck in that department, but I did get a long flowy tie-dye skirt in varying shades of blue and green and white. It’s lovely.

Then we picked up Abie and Ben and brought them to a friend’s party at Adventure Park. Next we went to Goodwill to see if they had any men’s shoes, though they didn’t have anything like what my father wanted. While we were there, we looked around and I found this awesome skirt that reminds me of this game called Galaxa that we have on a Nintendo 64 arcade game set.

And NEXT I found this FANTASTIC obnoxiously bright obviously 80’s sweater that I just HAD to have. Apparently clothes are 50% off at Goodwill every sunday, so it was PERFECT, and only $2.50. I am a bargain hunter.

The next greatest thing, though, is that my father found an ORIGINAL American Flyer sled. For $15. Isn’t that MARVELOUS? He’s so excited about it, too, and he’s going to fix it all up and sand it down and such for winter. I AM EXCITED.

After that we went back to Adventure Park to pick up the brothers, and then we went to Safeway for a few more things, and we got the Star Trek cornflakes so I can finally buy the Star Trek t-shirt. OH MY GOODNESS I AM SO EXCITED. I think I’ll take Rachel’s suggestion and buy the yellow Kirk one, so we can be Spock and Kirk for Halloween next year. I love Star Trek.

And now, it all comes back to the beginning. I came home and was trying on all of my new old clothing to show my mother, and she called the sweater from today “a nightmare,” and said the sweater I got yesterday was like something an old lady would wear, an old lady who goes to the beauty salon once a week and would wear on one of her “casual” days. Anyway, I’m not going to give a hoot, I like colors and sweaters and colorful sweaters and that is all that should matter.

Well, I’m going to go and do something before my Sunday is completely and utterly over. Tomorrow should be one of the greatest days ever, or so methinks.

Live long and prosper.


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