Every once

in a while, I go to sleep early at night and then, when I wake up, I feel like I’m in a parallel universe. Even though I haven’t even been gone a day, I feel as if weeks have passed me by.

That happened this morning, as I went to sleep last night around 7 pm. I just woke up, at precisely 9 am, and heard tales of a movie night last night, complete with a large variety of candies, including GUM DROPS. Can you believe that? I have a good night’s sleep for one night, and that just happens to be the one night we get GUM DROPS. Not the spicy kind, either, the kind I accidentally bought one time and gave to my grandparents. No, these were honest to goodness SWEET gum drops. I love those.

I didn’t mean to end up talking about gum drops this whole time… what I meant to speak of was the strange feeling when I woke up. My father greeted me with the expected rhetorical question, “You’re still alive?” and that was that. Just like yesterday, except it’s Sunday now, and I feel like I’ve missed out on so many things. It’s more than just a movie night, it’s the thought that things were happening, and I was there, yet tucked away fast asleep in bed. The idea that I was only a few rooms away is what makes it so different than if I had gone to a sleepover or something. The idea, I guess, that I COULD have experienced those memories, if I had stayed awake.

‘Tis a very strange culmination of thoughts.


EDIT: In my haste, I forgot a few things:

Yesterday’s Goodwill trip was wonderful. I purchased a turquoise, black, hot pink, and purple sweater that appears to be from the 80’s. I also got the fourth Star Trek film on VHS!!! Rachel got a pain-splattered-like shirt and the fifth Star Trek film.

After Goodwill we went to Burger King to get kid’s meals for the Star Trek toys. Apparently, they stopped the toys a few days ago, but they had a few in the back that they let us choose from. I got original Spock and Rachel got Chekov. Everytime I see Spock in my room I can’t help but press the button on his back: “Live long and prosper!”

Oh oh oh, and the dream I had last night:

I was walking through the high school, except it was HUMONGOUS, and part of it was a grocery store just like the Giant near the library. I went outside (and the outside was huge as well! like a big desert!) to help take the yearbook committee picture during third block (I don’t know why) and after that long time was over, I went back inside to go to my fourth block class, as third block had just ended. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the hallway where my fourth class is. Nothing looked as I remembered it. I ended up stumbling through a group of students singing on live television, and then I kept stumbling around. A bit later, I woke up.

On Friday, I was watching a movie called Ballad of a Soldier for about ten minutes before I realized it was all in Russian. I just thought they had heavy accents that I couldn’t understand.

The end. Back to cleaning the bathroom, now.


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