I have gotten into

the terribly addictive habit of writing these sort of titles, finishing the sentence in the main portion and whatnot.

Speaking of addictive, I’ve been watching WAY too many television episodes and movies lately. It seems sometimes like that’s all I’ve been doing and, honestly, I feel like I’m turning into a ridiculous lump that cannot, will not, do anything but sit down all day. I sit all day at school, not my choice at all, and then I come home and I sit for the remainder of the day. Weekends aren’t that much better. True, the majority of the time has been spent watching worthy tv shows, i.e. Doctor Who and Star Trek, but still… perhaps I ought to start up another hobby, going for walks, perhaps. I haven’t listened to much music lately, so that would be an ideal thing to start doing. Or, maybe, I should start going places with friends, nothing planned in particular but just walking around somewhere, talking about things.

Speaking of going places with friends (can you tell I’m trying to stitch everything together into one seamless piece), tomorrow to Thursday I will be going to Rachel’s house for another Star Trek party! (today didn’t work out, as it was decided by the parental units that one Star Trek party this week is enough) It’s going to be a sleepover, if you hadn’t realized that.

Speaking more of movie-watching, this afternoon I’ve been watching a movie called Phenomenon, and also knitting the Scotty hat. I’m nearly done with both the movie and the hat.

Alright, well it is dinner time now. Goodbye (and because of the Star Trek party I probably won’t post tomorrow)!


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