It wasn’t that bad

of a Monday. For starters, I watched Doctor Who, making it infinitely better. I’m nearly done watching the third episode of the day, “Love and Monsters.” I think it’s my favorite so far, even if it hasn’t featured the Doctor or Rose much at all yet.

Rachel got done with I am Spock today, and so now I get to read it. I am SO EXCITED! I’ve only read about ten pages and already I would put it on my favorite books list. There’s just something about the dialogue between Leonard Nimoy and Spock that makes the rest of the novel all the more endearing.

Tomorrow I am going to Rachel’s house for a second Star Trek party after school, and we might have another one the day after that, a sleepover to Thursday, which is Graduation Day therefore making it not necessary to attend school.

I’m pretty far through with knitting a hat like Scotty’s hat from the new Star Trek movie, although it’s brown rather than olive.

Well, I must get back to Doctor Who. Farewell!

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