There’s always a

world of differences between what I plan to do and what I actually end up doing. Today I planned to watch Star Trek nearly the entire day. I didn’t watch a single minute of it. What I DID do was watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Be Kind, Rewind. Whilst watching these films, I knitted two Star Trek themed washcloths, one with the confederation symbol on it and other with the enterprise on it. They’re both made out of this grey-ish blue cotton yarn. I never thought I’d say this, but I can’t wait to wash my face tomorrow morning!

Other than the above, there was another event that occurred: Emma’s friend’s family is going away to visit with their grandparents, who are very old and will probably die very soon. So, we’re watching their two dogs and fish for about ten days. The dogs are Joey, a rat terrier, and Jasmine, a toy poodle. They’re very calm and haven’t made any trouble thus far. It should be an interesting ten days, having four dogs rather than two.

Goodbye now! (I can’t believe it’s Sunday already)

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