Today was sort of like

a Doctor Who party, except it was just me and it wasn’t planned that way. What ended up happening was that I watched seven Doctor Who episodes in a row (the first seven from season two) and, in fact, I am about halfway through with the eighth episode.

So I watched a lot of Doctor Who, and also saw Kit Kittredge: An American Girl while I waited to be able to watch Doctor Who. It was actually pretty good, though utterly predictable.

Tomorrow I think I’ll do the same as today but watch seven or so episodes of Star Trek. Like a solitary Star Trek party. Definitely not as fun as playing Spock and Kirk, but still a lovely time.

Speaking of Star Trek, I got myself all excited today when my parents went to run errands and I asked if they’d go through the drive through at Burger King to get me a Star Trek glass. I wasn’t sure if they sold them in sets like at some Burger Kings, but it turns out it didn’t matter either way because THEY WERE ALL OUT OF STAR TREK GLASSES. I couldn’t believe it when my parents came home empty-handed and told me. How could they RUN OUT?!? Surely there isn’t that great of a demand for them around here…

Anyway, I’m going to have to try at another Burger King near me, and if they don’t have them there either then I will PUNCH SOMEBODY. Actually, I’ll probably just be really upset and get a kid’s meal instead, with a Star Trek prize inside. I hope I get the original Spock toy.

Part of my Doctor Who watching today coincided with knitting. I finished the second striped convertible fingerless glove, though they’re not technically convertible yet since there aren’t mitten caps on them yet. I’ll mayhaps do that tomorrow.

Well, I have more Doctor Who to watch before sleepiness overwhelms me too much to bear. Good night!


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