I spent

yesterday evening finishing my Photography project and then resting, so I didn’t have a chance to post or to do much anything else. Doctor Who Season 1, Disc 5 arrived in the mail, but unfortunately it was one that only had bonus material on it, so I returned it, hopefully to begin watching Season 2 soon. Most of it can be watched on Netflix Intant, I believe.

Oh, something I DID do yesterday was photoshopping the faces of my friends and I onto pictures of Star Trek characters. It was excellent and very much fun.

Today, I admired the storm outside, which is most extreme much like a couple of days ago, and then I watched two episodes of Star Trek, “What Little Girls are Made Of” and “Miri.” After this post, I will be watching the next episode, “Dagger of the Mind.” Somebody commented on the “Miri” episode and noted that one of the children William Shatner held near the end was his own daughter. I thought that was very interesting and a nice personal touch to the episode.

Yesterday, I, as Kirk, wrote a poem to Rachel, or Spock, rather. Today she responded with an immensely amusing and surprisingly emotional letter from Spock to Kirk. I would scan it, but surely one could not expect me to divulge the details of such personal matters.

There are possible plans to be made for a trip to Goodwill with friend(s) this weekend. That, and a second Star Trek party, are likely in the near future.

Oh, we got our yearbooks on Wednesday. I forgot to mention that. The format of the school pictures is positively awful. They are on every page and very tiny in lines at the bottom.

Well, anyway, I must get back to my Star Trek watching. Live long and prosper!

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