It was

a very long day, for some reason. It felt much like a Tuesday, my least favorite day of the week, because of the length of which the school day seemed to take. I did, however, get almost all of one fingerless glove done during Photography, where I had nothing to do other than the research project of Gregory Crewdson, which I was unable to do because the school library was closed for a Memorial Day concert occurring during that class period.

After school I went to the library and Giant, as per usual, and Rachel was able to make it once again, a pleasant surprise. We played Kirk and Spock nearly the entire time, on and off again, and also oncer arriving at the library we signed each other’s yearbooks, taking up lots of room to fit all of the important memories from this year. If there’s one thing to say about this school year, it is that many new memories were made.

Rachel and I decided to now call Eleanor’s boyfriend, Robert, McCoy after Leonard McCoy of Star Trek, of course, after he said something which sounded suspiciously like something McCoy would say.

Once I arrived home after Wednesday Club, I began straightaway on my homework. First was Math, possibly the last PreCalculus homework I will ever have, and then it was time for the Photography research project, the one about Gregory Crewdson that I received so long ago. I kind of wish I’d finished it completely a month ago, when we received it, instead of waiting until now, two days before it’s due. Still, I managed to finish all of it except for the gluing everything down onto a posterboard, so it’s all good.

During dinner today, I talked about Star Trek nearly the entire time, to the point that my family became exasperated and lamented over the fact that I have become a Trekkie. My uncle is an EXTREME Trekkie, or was when he was younger, and I can’t wait until I see him again to talk to him about Star Trek without being scolded. My mother even went so far as to say, “This is my punishment for all those years fighting my brother over the TV when he wanted to watch Star Trek.” Apparently, they fighted over her not wanting to watch Star Trek quite marvelously often, and now she despises the show.

Well, I’m going to bed now. It is precisely my bedtime, or under a minute past it, anyway.


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