A note for the curious

On Saturday I watched a variety of movies in complete and utter solitude, purposely, of course. These movies included: Lost in Austen, Baby Mama, and The Duchess. The first was three hours long, but three entertaining hours. It was actually, surprisingly, cheaper to buy a movie at Blockbuster than it was to rent one, because of the Memorial Day Weekend sale, so we bought Baby Mama, which was very very funny, and also we bought Igor, which I have yet to see.

Yesterday to today, I went to Rachel’s house where we, along with Eleanor, had the Star Trek party we had so dreamed of. We kept becoming distracted by DJ Spock and other various Star Trek-related YouTube videos and therefore only ended up watching five or six or seven episodes, perhaps, but it was grand. Another pressing distraction was the deliriously fun game we dreamed up, titled affectionately “Spock and Kirk.” In this game, I am Kirk and Rachel is Spock and Eleanor is Dilora or however it is spelled, either that or Truckman or simply Uhura and sometimes McCoy. She basically switches between characters, while Rachel and I remain the same, Kirk and Spock, Spock and Kirk, Spirk or Kock, either way it is one of the best roleplaying games in the history of ever.

We also watched the beginning of Back to the Future, which I have yet to see all the way through.

The end.

I am really in the mood to go to Goodwill right this instant, for some odd reason, but I have to ride and it is raining and dinner is not so long from now, so never mind about that.

I am going to search for Star Trek memorabilia on Ebay and Etsy and the like now, so goodbye and happy Memorial Day and everything above all.

I love you.


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