You all knew

it was coming. The weekly Wednesday Club recap. Here it is again, in a new installment:

Today was Wednesday Club (as I say every week) and Rachel came along, which was different from usual. I hate to say it, but I always have a more enjoyable time when Rachel comes, maybe because we have so many inside jokes that it’s a blast to recount them, or maybe because we hardly ever see each other because of different class schedules and such. Either way, we spent the majority of the time talking about Star Trek (Spock in particular) and even found an auto-biography of Leonard Nimoy, the original Spock. It’s really fantastic. We also found a small but meaningful picture of Spock in an outdated teen magazine, which we sneakily and illegally tore out. Now we’re switching off months to use it as a very special bookmark.

Additionally, Rachel and I made a few prank calls, because we can sometimes be immature like that. Surprisingly, a few people did pick up to our randomly-chosen numbers (###-STR-TREK, ###-ONE-MICE, and ###-TRC-KMAN [Truckman]). Rachel answered one call with, “What were you doing with my woman?” but then became nervous and hung up. I actually struck up the confidence to play a trick on one guy named Norman, asking:
Me: Is this Mr. Wall?
Him: No, this is Normal Rockwell. (((I know, isn’t that great, his name was Norman Rockwell!)))
Me: Is there a Mrs. Wall there?
Him: No.
Me: Are there any Walls there?
Him: No.
Me: Then how does your house stay up?

I then proceeded to hang up right away, because I am a no-good coward and was also about to start laughing. I got that idea off the internet this morning; I guess it came in handy.

We also went to Giant and bought rainbow goldfish and chewy Chips Ahoy cookies (yes, pre-packaged cookies, I do admit to being a lover of Gene Wilder). Also, we played a card game, War, but became bored and stopped midway through. Then it was over, because our parents both arrived at precisely the same time. I went home. I did my math homework (speaking of math, I received some math money from my teacher today for being one of the only people quiet during the warm-up) and then began watching a movie called Man in the Moon. It’s eh so far. It’s about two sisters during the 1950’s who both fall in love with the same guy. Typical movie of that sort, I suppose, but there’s not much else on On Demand in the free movies section. Although, there WAS a movie called Bad Baby, an animated movie about a one-and-a-half year old. That sounds just a tad too ridiculous for me.

I’m working on my Photography research project about Gregory Crewdson right now, so I best be going.

Happy Wednesday! Have a great evening!

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