I wish I had

something more interesting to say here about today, but I do not.

This morning was the Biology HSA, and our teacher made breakfast for everybody. As of this afternoon, I am passing math with a D-, a 60%, and upon seeing this I was WAY more overjoyed than I probably should be.

Other than that, hmm, well, I wrote one and a half thank you notes. Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that my aunt Hollie gave me a FANTASTIC and SUCCULENT plant. It’s very smooth, and yet the ends are POINTY, much like a knitting needle.

Jake finished knitting a hat today, his first non-scarf project! Even though I had little to nothing to do with that, I still feel an odd sense of pride.

I’m getting to the root of The Boys from Brazil, by Ira Levin, and it is getting so marvelous that it is all I can do to not to be reading it right now. As I just found out, it was made into a movie in 1978, and subsequently remade this year, or will be remade this year. I can’t exactly tell. I will have to check that out once I’m finished with the book. Also, I will have to read The Stepford Wives. If only I could find it somewhere…

Perhaps a trip to Wonderbooks in in order! (I haven’t been there in SO long!)

The four books I got for my birthday have spontaneously gone missing, all but one that I found a little while ago, and the others have been missing since the day after I got them. So, I must search for those. Goodbye. I love you.


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