Hollow books and trap doors

I’m just back from searching for information on hollowed-out books and trap doors. What kindled this curiosity was the fact that I received a book safe today for my birthday, from my grandparents. It’s really great– I’ve always wanted one of those, and it looks like a really old book from the outside except BAM! it’s not. I also received a nice journal with lots of thin green lines in it, perfect for writing lots and filling up every millimeter of the page. There aren’t even any margins or anything. Additionally, I got a book of brain games. I love those, even though I can hardly ever solve them.

I received the above at the family party we had, in celebration of all relative’s birthdays from this spring. Many, many people came, so that the house was loud and busy and full of people.

Other than the party, I did not do anything today, unless you consider cleaning the bathroom something worthy of mention.

I finally gave in and allowed Clara to give me a “makeover” today, simply because she’s been asking me at least thrice a week for I don’t know how long. The make-up looks as ridiculous as I had expected it would, but at least she’s happy.

That is really all I wished to say, so goodbye now.

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