I didn’t even realize that the last post was my three hundredth!

And, as I promised: there WILL be a prize relating to something in relation to the three hundredth post, but I’m not going to say what you have to do to win it. The prize will be something sent in the mail to whoever wins, either that or be given to somebody in person, depending on who wins.

In other news, I made graham cracker muffins this afternoon.

My math grade went up seven percent from getting a 65% on a test. That is really and truly the highest test grade I have ever received, and it brought my grade up from a 51% to a 58%. Maybe I WON’T fail this course! (and I was so thinking I would!)

I’ve been watching more of the Twilight Zone movie but I’m as of yet still not even halfway through. It’s getting even better, though. It’s made up of remakes of different episodes, and the one I just finished is a remake of “Kick the Can,” about the residents of an old folks home becoming young again. It had a different ending from the original.

Really, though, this remake as well as the original give me this certain feeling… I can’t explain it, really… I don’t know if there’s a word for it (there probably is, somewhere). It’s a sort of nostalgia for the present. As in, I know that the future is approaching, and quickly, at that, and so it’s like I already miss what’s going on now in my life, because I know I will miss it as the past in the future… I hope that makes sense. Anyway, when I see this/these episode(s) it gives me that feeling, a very strong sense of it. The feeling’s not exactly sad, but not happy either. It’s difficult to explain…

I think I am going to re-watch Singin’ in the Rain in the near future. I don’t believe I even finished it in the first place, or if I did then I don’t remember it.

I also still need to watch The Stepford Wives. We STILL have it on Netflix! I can’t believe I haven’t watched it yet!!!

I’m about seventy-five percent through with Lord of the Flies. It’s WONDERFUL. It makes me wish I were a boy stranded on an island… such adventures and simple, classic times they have!

Well, goodbye. As I said, I have things to watch. (I end basically every post with “well,…,” don’t I?)

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2 Responses to “I didn’t even realize that the last post was my three hundredth!”

  1. Laura Says:

    I’m really excited that you’re getting into The Twilight Zone. It’s the best TV show ever created.

    And I totally get what you’re talking about when you talk about the nostalgic feeling you get when you watch it. I love how The Twilight Zone is able to make you feel all these things and still engage you in such a perfect plot with suspense and twist endings. I love it.

  2. supposedly Says:


    I agree.

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