“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” -Voltaire

Well, the exam’s over. I’m still alive. A few minutes into it, I got the horrible feeling that comes with knowing you’re about to throw up, but miraculously I didn’t.

I ended up finishing a half hour early and having to sit there, bored out of my skull. I doodled all over a paper in the booklet and the person sitting next to me kept staring at my doodles in awe. Maybe it was because I ended up getting to bored that I copied down the entire set of directions and then crossed out each individual word with a tiny X. Who knows?

Our exam ran late and so I had to stay at school until a little before 3:30 pm. It was madness. Never again will I get braces put on the day before an AP exam (they hurt like I don’t know what) and never again will I go to school in the morning when I could be staying home, sleeping in, and studying before an AP exam. I learned a lot, as you can read.

Hooray for the weekend! Tomorrow I am going to Lizzy’s birthday party at the movie theater– we’re seeing Star Trek.

I finished The Torturer’s Apprentice today and have begun The Lord of the Flies. Can you believe I’ve never read it?

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One Response to ““Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” -Voltaire”

  1. Sophie Says:

    I am glad your exam went semi-well.
    I haven’t talked to anyone at my school who took it, but they all sounded just about as excited as you were.

    I love Lord of the Flies.
    We had to read it for english class last year, and it was wonderful.

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