I once vowed

to place a little note in every library book I ever checked out and returned, only I never wrote even ONE. I was reminded of this fact when I read Katie’s recent post about secrets (link to her blog in the sidebar). Maybe I actually will do that from now on, though I’m terribly frightened that people I know will see this post and from this date forward make a note of every book I check out to find the little notes. I’m sure they wouldn’t do that to be CRUEL or anything, but curiosity is curiosity, and you know it wasn’t the dog that killed the cat…

“The student has his Rome, his Florence, his whole glowing Italy, within the four walls of his library. He has in his books the ruins of an antique world and the glories of a modern one.”
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

As I tweeted recently, I spend much more time googling AP Euro exam study guides than I do actually reading them. I rarely study and do not enjoy it one bit, so even if it might just count for college credit I still won’t do it religiously or even halfway often. I’ve studied for maybe a total of an hour and a half for this exam. I’m trying not to care too much about it because I don’t want to get my hope held up high on a scaffold for all to see. That, and PreCalc. I have the fourth lowest grade in the class, I think it is, and I am trying to pretend that I’m perfectly alright with that even though I’d really rather not have a 51% on my permanent record.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and Friday is the AP Euro exam and the Friday after that is my birthday party and from then on it’s practically summer already.

P.S. I’m positive I could have written this book, from hearing the title, but apparently it’s actually full of puzzles, which sounds quite neat:

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4 Responses to “I once vowed”

  1. Sophie Says:

    So you just offered to help with my knitting,


    If you need help with anything, I can try to explain it the best i can via the internet.

    And leaving messages in library books is the best thing ever.
    I once spent an hour finding really depressing books and putting little jokes in them, hoping to cheer someone up.
    It is super fun, try it sometime.

  2. supposedly Says:

    Thanks ever so much!
    I may just take you up on that offer.
    And that does sound like fun. I might just try it this afternoon when I go to the library.

  3. Fantastically Fraught Says:

    OHMYGOODNESS, I feel like an idiot. I thought your birthday party was this Friday. It’s the fifteenth? (I accidentally put the invitation through the wash…>_<)

  4. supposedly Says:

    Yes, it’s on the fifteenth, NEXT week. It was originally going to be this Friday, but Clara is in the talent show then so it will be next week. 6pm to 10 pm.

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