Before I go to Sleep

I had so much fun in Ellicott City and bought this bag:

partly with the money Courtney/Courtney’s mom gave me for my birthday (!!!) and partly with my own money. It’s made from recycled fish feed bags and is from a fantastic place called Ten Thousand Villages. There’s a website called, if you want to check it out. This was in Baltimore, where we went once we were done in Ellicott City.

I was planning on making a nice long post tonight, and I even jotted down things to mention during the day, but not long after I got home I worked myself up and ended up crying on and off for almost an hour. This was contributed to mostly by the huge amoung of stress I’ve been under lately. My math grade’s really been getting to me, and so has the prospect of taking the AP Euro test. I guess I let all of that and everything else, really, bottle up inside me tightened carefully, except the cork unexpectedly came undone. Eventually, I calmed down, but not without a lot of nose-running and tissues and red-rimmed eyes. Real crying isn’t as pretty as the movies make it out to be.

Tomorrow I’m going to watch two episodes of The Office, The Stepford Wives (it came in the mail today) and the new episodes of Dollhouse and Lie to Me. I guess I’ll have to start a new knitting project tomorrow, then, to keep my hands occupied and therefore keep myself from biting my nails incessantly.

(I was just about to copy this into a Ning post… I forgot that BEDA was over)

Oh yeah, and before I forget, Courtney’s mother remembered to put batteries in her camera.

Another thing I might as well mention–I finished reading When you are Engulfed in Flames today. Now I just need to finish A Girl Named Zippy and then I’ll be homefree and ready for some more books!

Something else definitely worth mentioning: my parents apparently exchanged the tape recorder today, and they presented me with the new one, which is somehow (I thought it impossible) infinitely better than the original. It has real little tapes and everything! They also gave me an awesome shirt that looks like this:

As you can see, the crying rage was just a freak incident. I’m not going crazy or anything, and now I’m as perfectly happy as ever. Or, as Courtney’s mother would say (much to Courtney’s dismay), “I’m just fabulous.”


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