BEDA Installment Twenty-Nine: Pre-birthday festivities, an expected apology, and then some

Hooray, hurrah, huzzah! It’s my birthday! The actual celebration hasn’t taken place yet, so I don’t have much to say about it, but here is something I wrote today in Photography to give you some much-needed chitter-chatter.

From yesterday:

Now, bits and pieces from today that aren’t covered above:
At the start of the day, Lizzy gave me a huge and delicious (albeit partly smushed from the bus ride) corn muffin. I’ve only eaten a little of it so far, but it TASTES LIKE SOMETHING DELICIOUS.

Please excuse the unnecessary capitalization–whenever I’m excited, this happens, and of course I am VERY EXCITED today.

Today also happened to be club day. Firstly was Scrabble Club, in which Celesthe, Kayla and I played Scrabble, of course. I won, but not by much.

Next was German Club, which was MARVELOUS. Sarah, Celesthe, Lizzy, Courtney, and I played German Monopoly. Also, seriously, I’m going too try and switch out of Guitar II for next year and into German I. Guitar’s good fun and all, but I think I’d enjoy German much more, and I’d get more out of it.

Lastly was Improv Club, which is usually fun but unfortunately has recently turned into something awful. It’s so cliquey now, and exclusive, and only a select amount of people actually get to participate, and so eventually Kaitlyn, Rachel, Lizzy, and I went into our own corner and played Sit Around the Table. I wish we’d done that sooner, as pretty soon it was time to go home. It was also almost 2:07 pm, my birthtime, and I made a wish right then and there.

Now, goodbye! I am too excited to sit down and type. I must DO something!

Question Twenty-nine: What did you have for dessert on your last birthday?

P.S. I can’t believe tomorrow’s the last day of BEDA!
P.P.S. Thanks to everybody who wished me a happy birthday!

Now it’s after nine and the festivities have ended! I feel horribly terrible spoiled, as I got nearly everything on my list. There wasn’t an absurd amount on it, but still…

I WOULD take pictures of it all with my NEW CAMERA(!!!) but it’s still charging and the battery has to charge completely before being used. It looks like this:

I also received a lot of strange candies, including gummy pizza, fruit candy powder thingabambobbers, and this Wonka candy(!!!Gene Wilder!!!) that’s basically like pop rocks except made out of chocolate. Also, a word lover’s dictionary(!!!) (I guess from now on you all should just infer that there are three exclamation points after everything), a subscription to Mental Floss, an EPIC pair of orange, pink, and red sunglasses, and a tape recorder (which we’ll be exchanging for a different one because this particular one can’t be taken off of the recorder, onto the computer or tapes or whatever). This is WELL OVER enough, but my parents said there’s still some other stuff that hasn’t arrived in the mail yet! I feel so lucky and spoiled (as I mentioned not long ago) and like pulling a Rip van Winkle and sleeping for a hundred years.

And guess what? Jake just walked in and he got me a Rilo Kiley CD (The Execution of All Things)!!! I ADORE Rilo Kiley.

I must go and see if the camera’s done charging. Goodbye and love to all!

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