BEDA Installment Twenty-Five: What a nice day it is for boiling yourself in a pleasant environment

Today I did something I have done three times before. Out of guesses? I went to downtown Frederick. This is the fourth time altogether and the second time I’ve gone with Daniel (actually, the third time if you count the Break the Silence thing). There have been weather problems there in the past, as you may recall, when it was snowy and Rachel and I slipped numerous times. Today, the problem was just the opposite. The heat was what tried to bring us down.

It is currently 92 degrees in Frederick. It rarely gets that hot around here.

Here’s a chronological list (or at least I hope so– I’m having some trouble remembering the EXACT order of everything, despite the recap we had at the end for this very purpose) of the joys that happened on this lovely, but extremely heated, excursion.

[1]Daniel’s dad picked us up in his convertible. I don’t think I’ve ever ridden in a convertible before, as I would surely have remembered the delightful and EXTREME breezes that hit you in the backseat, where I was. His dad drove down all of these old back roads, making it into a marvelous scenic route, complete with frequent punches when VW beetles passed by, which was strangely often.

[2]We arrived in downtown Frederick and started off with Daniel taking amusing pictures of me for Photography class. These all involved covering my face, most often with the plastic bag bag I am in the process of knitting. We found some fantastic secret hideaways in the midst of all of this, including a place called The Labyrinth, which was one of the greatest things since homemade bread.

[3]Once the film was gone, we went to Baker Park, where a festival of some sort was going on. We sat down near a shady tree and played tic tac toe with dandelions and twigs. Once we tired of that, we left a message made of the tic tac toe materials that read, “hi!” This became somewhat of a theme throughout the day.

[4]We next went to The Orchard, a really great restaurant, where I got a honey mustard cheddar chicken sandwich and Daniel got a tofu hummus something or other sandwich. It was very good, though I kept somehow managing to spill my water. Before we left, we left another message reading, “hi” with the toothpicks that held the sandwiches together.

[5]After that, we went to Carroll Creek. On the way, we say Felicia (a girl from school), Daniel’s brother, and my brother. Then, as we arrived there, we saw Hannah and had a nice chat with her. Then we sat under the bridge and watched the ducks. We touched this weird moss-lump-thing that floated by, and it felt very strange. It felt like once you took your finger away there would be residue on it, and yet there was nothing.

[6]Eventually we decided to go to Proof to get some dessert. I’m not sure what I got (or what Daniel got, for that matter), but I do know that mine was strawberry something.

[7]After dessert, filled to the brim, we sat on a ledge near Proof. This was where we counted down from three for when the car that continued to beep its alarm would continue beeping (it stopped doing so at regular intervals. We never got it down perfectly. Daniel had a headache from the alarm at this point, and so we crossed the street to find somewhere else to hit. As luck would have it, the car stopped its beeping as soon as we got across the street, so, sighing, we crossed the street once more and sat on the ledge for a little longer.

[8]After a little while, Daniel realized there was an IB Art exhibit today, the last day of it, and so we hurried there. Unfortunately, we arrived too late, as they were cleaning up the last of it all when we got there.

[9]It was then that Daniel remembered that he had to pick up a necklace of his that had been fixed, and we went to the jewelry place where it was. The man and woman who worked there were EXTRAORDINARILY nice. They’re friends with Daniel’s mom, apparently, and even offered him a job for the summer.

[10]After that, not being able to think of anything else to do, we went back to Carroll Creek, where we saw Olivia, another girl from school. We then went back to our spot under the bridge and lay down on the ground, looking up at the bridge. During this, we recapped the wondrous day. Sometime during the day, we also saw two people who looked as if they had permanent square frowny faces. So, we lay there, looking up, and then Daniel’s dad called to say he was there to pick us up. Happily awaiting the cool, breezy ride home, we walked a ways and then crossed the street to his dad’s convertible. Then we drove to my house to drop me off, and up until now I was still walking aimlessly around the house, thinking about various things. Then I decided that I should probably write it all down before I forget. And here I am.

In other news, it’s the twenty-fifth day of BEDA! Twenty-five has been my favorite number for quite some time, so it only figures that I had such a great day.

Today I am a featured blogger on Maureen Johnson’s ning. This is so exciting for me! It falls right in league with when I won the nonexistent nerdfighting prize of the day way back when for making the first comment on a YouTube video that didn’t say “FIRST COMMENT!”

(evidence A: )

(evidence B: )

It makes me feel so happy so be able to connect with FAMOUS PEOPLE, people I admire and strive to be like. Or, rather, to know that, even if only for a little while, these AUTHORS, these marvelous published authors, thought about ME. The awesome nerdfighting world has given me these chances and these amazing feelings.

Well, now I’m going to watch a movie now probably an old horror movie like I planned on doing. Goodbye everyone, and thanks for reading my blog!

EDIT: Oh, and somebody said they liked my shirt today, the same thing that happened the first time Daniel and I went to Frederick!

And I forgot the question AGAIN:
Question Twenty-five: What’s your lucky number and why?


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2 Responses to “BEDA Installment Twenty-Five: What a nice day it is for boiling yourself in a pleasant environment”

  1. Fantastically Fraught Says:

    OHMYGOD, NOOOOOO. I FORGOT THE SQUARE FROWNY GUYS. And I had a lot of trouble remembering today too. XD I also forgot how we both battled against our food/drinks at The Orchard.

    The Maureen Johnson bit is fantastic, and I can totally relate.

    Also, my lucky number seems to be six for some reason, even though it’s also my least favorite number. I’m not really sure how to explain why though. I can’t remember any specific examples of when it’s proved to be lucky, but I probably only noticed it to begin with because of the irony in my distaste for the number.

  2. supposedly Says:

    HOW COULD YOU FORGET THEM? The square frowny face was our honorary stalker!

    As for your lucky number, that IS odd. My lucky number’s twenty-five because I always saw it on road signs when I was little.

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