BEDA Installment Twenty-Two: A Snippet at School and the Middle of the Week

Firstly, let’s start off with scanned notebook paper full of words! I wrote some of this post during Photography. You’ll probably have to view the URL below each of them to be able to read it all.

I’m actually pretty surprised at how well they scanned onto the computer. I keep expecting to reach out and pull a sheet off the monitor.

As Daniel pointed out, Wednesday Club today was the best it’s been in awhile. It’s always fun, of course, but today it was interesting as well. A guy named Connor was there most of the time, and he was one of the most hilarious people I’ve ever met. He told Daniel, Eleanor, Danya, and I a story about chopping off his thumb with a fish tank thermometer in elementary school, and I could completely imagine him writing a bestselling memoir in the league of Augusten Burroughs. I would read it. He had this really great way of telling stories that was extremely interesting, funny, and insightful.

I got back a quiz grade today in PreCalc, and to my utter shock and happiness I passed it! No, I did more than pass. I ACED it. 93%, for serious! That’s the highest grade I’ve gotten on a math quiz all year, and the only passing one that I know of.

I took pictures for the perspective project for photography today, at Giant. I think they’ll turn out well, especially the one looking up at a trio of gnomes.

After this post, I will do my math homework and then read. I checked out four new books today, including Suite Scarlett, Magical Thinking, The Torturer’s Apprentice, and another one that’s escaped my mind, even though I haven’t finished all of the other books I checked out. But, what the hey, I have less than two left to read and there’s no way It’ll take me until next Wednesday to do so.

Well, well, well, I must be off. There are fish to fry.

In final news, I found a fly swatter at Giant today. I bought it. It is purple. It may not seem like something difficult to find, but I’ve been searching everywhere for fly swatters for a long time, almost a year.


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5 Responses to “BEDA Installment Twenty-Two: A Snippet at School and the Middle of the Week”

  1. scuttlebanshee Says:

    It’s the big guys!

    Hardy har har.


    I am suddenly reminded of the Hardy Boys, and their incessant use of outdated slang. Aw, shucks!

    I totally wish Wednesday Club were Monday Club, or Tuesday Club. Or even Thursday or Friday Club. Wednesdays are my busy days.

  2. supposedly Says:

    I wish it were on Tuesday. Tuesdays are generally horrible. Maybe we can have Tuesday Club next week in addition to Wednesday Club.

  3. supposedly Says:

    Actually, next Wednesday is my birthday, so I probably won’t be going to Wednesday Club, so Tuesday or Thursday club would be in replace of Wednesday Club, at least for me.

  4. Courtney Says:

    I love that you scanned half a post onto the computer. That is so cool! I could probably do that if I wanted, but if I did, it would only be for the doodles. I need spell check! Haha

  5. supposedly Says:

    You SHOULD scan a post onto the computer. It will be a revolution.

    Even if just for the doodles. I like doodles.

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