BEDA Installment Twenty: They’ve got dogs with no noses!

The title is a quote from The Parting of the Ways, episode thirteen of season one of the newer version of Doctor Who. I am positively in love with this show. I watched two episodes today, Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways. Unfortunately, that means that I’ve watched all of the episodes of season one that are available on Netflix Instance Queue, which also means that I will soon be suffering from Doctor Who withdrawal, at least until the next episodes arrive in the mail. That could take a while; my family is not the speediest at returning Netflix movies.

Other than the above, I went to school where I did not get very much accomplished, though I was one of the four people in my guitar class who didn’t get in big trouble today. Everybody, it seemed, could not stop talking, so that we didn’t end up getting to play at all.

After school, after the Doctor Who-watching, my family had tacos for dinner for my sister Clara’s early birthday dinner, and then I went to the supermarket with my father for dish detergent and sparkling flavored water (of the tangerine lime variety).

As of late, I’ve been searching high and low for stuffs to add to my birthday list. Whenever it’s near Christmas and whatnot, I collect up a ginormous list, but when it comes to birthdays I am forgetful and end up gallivanting off to list what I can remember wanting during the previous parts of the year. I am determined to compile a real and actual list soon. So far on it are: a Mental Floss subscription, a dictionary, a tape recorder, a gift card to Wonder Books (though I’m not sure that actually exists; if not, then a slip of paper that reads: “good for $XX to Wonder Books”), and any sort of Gene Wilder memorabilia. I’d also like a passing grade in PreCalc, though I’m sure that’s not possible.

“Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.”
-Oscar Wilde

My topics now are just about exhausted. Good day, sirs.

Question Twenty: What do you want to be when you grow up?


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5 Responses to “BEDA Installment Twenty: They’ve got dogs with no noses!”

  1. thiscrackeddarkness Says:

    I want to write. On walls, in books, through out my whole life. I want to fill this world with my words. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

  2. supposedly Says:

    For the longest time I wanted to be a writer, and I still do, but I’m going to try and become a librarian. I hope I have time to write when I’m not “librarianing.”

  3. scuttlebanshee Says:

    I wanted a tape recorder for Christmas, but my parents didn’t get me one because they thought it was too out-of-date. Poo.

    Is there a reason behind wanting a dictionary? A hard copy of a dictionary is nice, but the internet is always at your disposal. I’m not sure if I see the point in spending money on a dictionary.

    As for what I want to be when I grow up…I’m not entirely certain. I think everyone who knows me knows that I want a career in theatre somehow, but that’s probably not going to happen. I may turn out to be a UPS truck driver, which would be a nice job because everyone is happy to get a package in the mail.

  4. supposedly Says:

    That would be a nice job, I agree.

    More specifically, I want a pocket dictionary, so that I can easily carry it around with me. There are plenty of times when a computer’s not around or available and a hard copy of a dictionary would therefore be needed.

  5. scuttlebanshee Says:

    Ah, that makes sense.

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