BEDA Installment Seventeen: Mark and his Mustard-hating Girlfriend

Greetings, BEDA buddies, if any of the three of you are reading this! (My BEDA buddies are Allyson, Katie, and Sophie; don’t they sound kind and endearing already?)

Now, on to the bulk of this post.

So my friend Rachel and I have this thing where we sort of make up something or base something on a single fact, then twist it into this long story/dialogue conversation. It’s fantastically fun, and we do it on a pretty regular basis. Today this fun quick-thinking talent came into motion many, many times, over and over again, one after another after another. It was grand.

So, you ask, when did all of this happen? What on earth were these perfect circumstances and where on earth were we? Well, today was the Day of Silence, as you may know. I honestly don’t remember too much of the day part, as it seems like a totally different day from this evening altogether. Anyway, so Rachel and I went to Baker Park after school for the Day of Silence “unveiling,” I guess you could call it. We ended up going to Faker Park, what we now call the other section of Baker Park, and got lost on our way to our intended location. Eventually, Rachel’s mom found us and directed us to the correct place, and by the time we got there it was nearly over. Everybody was standing in a circle and we kind of inched our way into it. About a minute after we joined the circle, it dispersed, and from then on it still kind of felt like the two of us were out of the “circle.” We did experiments, and every time we went closer into one of the “cliques” the others would slowly inch away. Despite this, though, it was a very interesting day. I now have some new, seemingly awesome acquaintances. We walked around for awhile, talking about Truckman and winding elaborate fantasies about how horrible he is. Ahem, I mean, elaborate TRUTHS about how horrible he is. We also spun elaborate fantasies about our friend Mark and his girlfriend. Mark has curly red hair and a large nose, and he drinks unsweetened tea. His girlfriend has a ridiculous sombrero-like hat that sings “When you wish upon a star” and she dislikes mustard. After not seeing Mark for quite a while, we saw him at Five Guys (where we ate dinner), where the yellow-shirted woman smiled at Rachel.

Later we saw baby ducks, which were adorable, and a little girl, also adorable, who walked right on up to us and drank some of Rachel’s Sprite, not until after she gave Rachel a hug to butter her up, of course. It was crazy. Rachel and I dipped our feet in the creek, and it was like walking on water. We also threw lucky pennies at the sidewalk for other people to pick up, though Rachel accidentally dropped her first penny in the creek. The second one almost went in the creek as well, but then it stopped a foot or so before reaching it.

After many jokes about Loopy Limon soda had been made as well as many other memories, my parents picked us up we went to Target with my family for a little while. There were these creepy motion-sensored baby dolls there, with deep, babbling voices. My parents bought me a ball filled with golden sparkles (not as bad as it sounds), the one I wanted another time but could not find a price tag for. I’m going to have to earn the money to pay them back, somehow. I have no honest-to-goodness cash right now, not even one dollar bill. All I have is change. I really do wish I had a job.

After Target, we went through the McDonald’s drive-through and bought snacks, then watched part of a terrifying Barbie movie (though it did have one redeeming quality: the villain looked like a caricature of Alan Rickman) on the way to dropping Rachel off, coupled with making plans for an Alfred Hitchcock sleepover tomorrow. And, get this, it would be IN A CAR. There’s a seriously nice DVD player in our red mini-van, and we’re going to fold the seats down and sleep there, watching scary and suspenseful movies and freaking ourselves out about being in a car when it’s pitch black outside. You can bet your buttons I’ll be making sure the doors are locked. I might even put sheets up on the windows so I don’t see outside. Actually, scratch that, then I’d be seeing shadows in the windows. I guess I’ll face the darkness.

In miscellaneous information:

My PreCalc grade went up to a fifty-two percent. Is it bad that a 90%, 30%, and 69%, combined, brought my grade up three percent?

The two skeins of yarn I bought for knitting the striped convertible mittens arrived today. The colors are dark green (jalapeno, it’s called) and light green (avocado) and look exceedingly nice together.

The word of the day is donnybrook, meaning “brawl” or “fracas.” I like that word. Donnybrook. Fracas is nice too, now that I think about it.

Now, this post is decently long enough, I’d say. Farewell, my friends.

P.S. Truckman kidnapped us, but not long after, Gene Wilder rescued us. He couldn’t make it to the Day of Silence gathering, as he had previous obligations (he’s John Proctor in a production of The Crucible), but let this be known.

Question Seventeen: What should I ask for for my birthday?


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7 Responses to “BEDA Installment Seventeen: Mark and his Mustard-hating Girlfriend”

  1. thiscrackeddarkness Says:

    Books. I had my birthday a week or two ago and my family gave me no books.
    I’m jealous of your Day of Silence experience. And your sleepover plan (sounds like so much fun!)


  2. supposedly Says:

    Yes- books! One can never have too many books. Any recommendations?

  3. Fantastically Fraught Says:

    That sounds like a fun way to spend time, just making up random stories and whatnot, haha. The whole back-story of that from yesterday was very interesting to read. And your sleepover idea sounds awesome!

    Oh, and how do you get the BEDA buddies?

    Annnnnd…I wish I could come up with an answer to your question.

  4. scuttlebanshee Says:

    Yeah. I felt bad that we kinda stomped into their circle whilst they were talking about really serious stuffs.

    …and I can hardly wait for the Alfred Hitchcock sleepover!

    I love how this post is riddled with so many inside jokes. It makes me feel special that I understand just about all of them.

  5. supposedly Says:

    Daniel: It is, very much so. Thanks and thanks, ha ha. Unfortunately, the deadline for BEDA buddies already passed, on Thursday, but I’m sure if you go on the ning there are other people who missed it too, so perhaps you can have some after all!

    Rachel: I can’t wait either! And I agree, inside jokes are the best.

  6. supposedly Says:

    Daniel: Alright, I found a thread on the ning with people who missed the deadline. Here’s a link:

  7. Fantastically Fraught Says:

    Frowny face, it looks like hardly anyone would even check that. :[ Thank you though.

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