BEDA Installment Sixteen: Much Ado About Something

The title tells lies: I didn’t actually do much of anything today. Of course, if I try and remember all of the miniscule little details (redundancy!) then I might be able to write a decent amount. Here it goes!

[1]I woke up. It was approximately 5:45 am. I took a quick shower and then blow-dryed my bangs. Next, I dressed, in my purple pinstriped pants, striped green and navy shirt, and robot looking for love shirt. After that, I proceeded to put my shoes and socks on, then eat Apples & Cinnamon oatmeal and various other activities, such as getting my lunch ready. I started bringing my lunch yesterday. As today was day two, I must say this important lifestyle change is going quite well.

[2]After doing all that is necessary in getting ready for the school day, I waited for my bus for approximately one and a half minutes. Then, I went on to the bus, the first seat on the left, towards the bus doors (ensuring that I would be the first out in case of an emergency, or at least one of the firsts). On the way to school, I read some of Running With Scissors, though, as usual, I was mainly preoccupied with staring out the front bus windows at the sky, clouds, and other peaceful objects, which are extraordinarily pretty in the morning.

[3]The school day went by as it did yesterday, quick altogether yet slow in each individual class. In Photography, we had a substitute who seemed very angry at us all, from the very beginning. I don’t think she ever told us her name. After Photography was PreCalc, where I received the dreaded test back, the one that brought my grade down over ten percent. The grade was a thirty-nine percent. That’s the same percentage as the one I hung up on our fridge, jokingly, next to my brother’s one hundred percent Prefixes and Suffixes quiz. In Guitar, Sarah stole my book because I kept reading it when she was talking to me. Hey, it’s a good book. Eventually, I slammed both of her pinky fingers with my Biology textbook and she surrendered it back. Actually, I didn’t. I don’t even bring my Biology textbook to school.

[4]After school and a speedy goodbye to my friendlings, I went to my bus, on which I read more of Running with Scissors and also noticed that the Pixies guy got another haircut. Also, as he was getting off the bus he picked up a book that the person next to me dropped on the floor. That was the most human contact I have personally seen him commit to. The other two instances were when he was an anchor on our morning announcements (I missed that– my first class is so loud we hardly ever see them) and when he watched Wallie and others play Apples to Apples in their math class (there was also one other instance, perhaps about going to the restroom, but I’m lost on the details).

[5]Once I arrived home, at precisely 2:43 pm, two minutes earlier than usual, I vowed to watch a movie once I finished my homework. Before doing my homework, however, I read the rest of Running With Scissors. It may be my favorite of Augusten Burroughs’ memoirs, but it is by far the most horrifying. I felt like simultaneously laughing and crying at many parts while reading it.

[6]After the book was done, with a sigh, I did my homework. This involved a half hour of my time and two textbooks, Biology and PreCalc. It wasn’t that tortorous.

[7]By the time that was over and done with, and after I’d gone to the grocery store with my father (I love going to grocery stores), it was dinner time. We had barbeque chicken salad sandwiches.

[8]Once the table was cleared, I watched two and a half minutes of M is for Murder, a movie like I said I would watch. Then I got distracted and, after realizing the time, came in here to post this.

[9]The word of the day is carwichet, by the way. It is a pun, conundrum or perplexing question. Excellent, you think? So do I.

The end.

What the future holds: (or, rather, tomorrow) I’m immensely glad that tomorrow is Friday. Even with the shortened week, it seemed to drag on. Tomorrow is the Day of Silence, which I will be participating in as I did last year. I’m not going to the thing afterwards, for lack of a ride, but it will be a nice day, anyway, I think.

Well, I’m going to watch more of the movie. If I’m extremely good about staying on schedule, then perhaps I’ll finish it tonight.

“I don’t mean to sound – I don’t want it to come out funny, but I don’t like show business. I love – I love acting in films. I love it.”
-Gene Wilder

(doesn’t he sound kind?)

Question Sixteen: How do you explain the chilly, shivery feeling, I sometimes randomly experience?


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4 Responses to “BEDA Installment Sixteen: Much Ado About Something”

  1. thiscrackeddarkness Says:

    Hi! This is Katie as in your BEDA buddy. Here’s my profile on the Ning:
    Yeah. There’s probably like 80 Katies on there. So if the link doesn’t work, I’m the one with the picture of the unknown historical figure (I picked a picture from my computer at random).
    I’ve been thinking about reading Running With Scissors for a while. You may have just convinced me that I should. I sympathize with the math pains. I’m waiting to get back a test I failed too. *Sigh*

    Look forward to being your BEDA buddy.

  2. supposedly Says:

    The link worked, thanks.

    You should definitely read it. Though, I suppose I’m a bit biased to Augusten Burroughs’ work right now, as I’m kind of addicted to it all at the moment.

  3. thiscrackeddarkness Says:

    Awesome! I’ll look into it. But is it the best place to start on his work? Or is there a better introduction to Augusten Burroughs?

  4. supposedly Says:

    Hmm, well– Wolf at the Table focuses mostly on his father, Running with Scissors on himself, and Possible Side Effects focuses mainly on his mother. Yeah, I’d say Running with Scissors is the best place to start, then moving on to another due to personal preference, mother or father, crazy or mean. Personally, I began with Magical Thinking, but I read it awhile ago so I don’t really remember it. I think that it focused on his young adult/adult life, but I’m not positive.

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