BEDA Installment Twelve: Just in Case (that sounds like Justin Time!)

I’m writing a probably brief post right now, on the offchance that I don’t have time to do it tonight, or some other reason for not posting. It is Easter, by the way. (Happy Easter, on the chance that you celebrate it!)

So, I think for a second or two last night, it was snowing. I had the sudden urge to go outside, despite it being past 11 pm and nearing midnight, and so I did. I kept seeing little white flecks in the air, about twice every fifteen seconds, but nothing more. Hmm, any thoughts?

Clara came back from New York last night, or this morning, rather, as I mentioned she would yesterday. She brought back hot chocolate that is colored, as in, I have purple hot chocolate powder! How awesome is that?

The “easter bunny” forgot to bring plastic colored easter eggs this year, as well as peeps! Is that not ridic…ulous? My parents looked at one another as if blaming the other for forgetting these vital basket goodies, and have almost agreed that we’ll get some in the Easter discount stuff grocery stores always have.

It was yesterday that I realized how unbelievably close my birthday is. I know I’ve said this before, but… my word, how can I be nearly sixteen? I don’t know if I want to be sixteen yet, if I’m ready to be sixteen.

I’m going to start gathering a birthday list soon.  I think I’ll mainly ask for a camera, so I can document my life before it’s too late, however melodramatic that may sound.  No matter how awkward a picture may be, how strange I or others may look in it, I can definitely appreciate that pictures tell stories.

Now, this has been much more than brief.  I leave you now.  I don’t know if I’ll end up posting later, but if I have time and all, then I’ll try.

(oh my goodness, Homeward Bound is on the telly and it’s at the part where the golden dog just found a little girl who’s lost… don’t cry, Hope, don’t cry…)

Ohohoh, but I got SNL Anthology of the first five years!  Joy!


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4 Responses to “BEDA Installment Twelve: Just in Case (that sounds like Justin Time!)”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Purple hot chocolate?! That’s fantastic! XD I like that idea.

    And I like your paragraph about your birthday/cameras, especially this part;

    “No matter how awkward a picture may be, how strange I or others may look in it, I can definitely appreciate that pictures tell stories.”

    I never really thought of it like that.

  2. supposedly Says:

    Yeah, when I first saw it I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s such a revolutionary idea!

  3. scuttlebanshee Says:

    I got a camera for my birthday too!

    I know how it feels to not want to be old. When I was turning 16, I almost had a breakdown because I didn’t want to get older. But I think time goes slower when you don’t think about it.

  4. supposedly Says:

    That is most certainly true. I’ve often noticed that.

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