BEDA Installment Eleven: And one day, it’ll sneak up on you and WHAM!

This is a picture of an Easter egg I dyed today. Easter egg dying is by no means a pasttime of mine, nor do I particularly enjoy it, but I felt obligate to do so, today, as the majority of my family was, and so I thought I’d make something out of it.

Here is another egg I dyed, with Rachel’s fantastically ingenious saying written on it in black colored pencil. There are many different views, as the saying is wrapped around the egg and you wouldn’t be able to read it otherwise.

(It reads, “Oscar’s Wilde, but Gene’s Wilder,” in case you can’t tell. Clever, no?)

And, for good measure, here’s a very blurry photo of something I’m knitting, a creature called a Grumpasaurus. It seems to be turning out nicely, though it is very, very red, as you can see.

Other than knitting and dying Easter eggs, I’ve been watching Doctor Who. I’m still on the first season even after so many months, but I’m getting there… I’m on Episode Eleven, titled “Boom Town.” I love that show more and more with each passing episode.

My sister Clara’s coming home from New York tonight, around midnight and just in time for Easter. Easter always seems to sneak up on me, and I don’t realize it’s nearly here until today, for instance, the day before the matter.

Other than the previous activities, I’ve just been blipping around today, examining the mysterious bruise on my arm and procrastinating on completeing my PreCalc practice quiz, which currently has about three problems done out of at least fifty (I don’t think I’m exaggerating about this, but I really hope so).

How about some quotes, now, to make up for saying just about nothing in today’s post?

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone elses opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”
-Oscar Wilde

“A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men.”
-Gene Wilder

Well, since it’s spring and all, and Easter is tomorrow, I am now going to put up some pictures of various cutesy things.

Goodbye now! I hope you all have thrilling days in the future!

Question Eleven: What are you most paranoid about?


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4 Responses to “BEDA Installment Eleven: And one day, it’ll sneak up on you and WHAM!”

  1. scuttlebanshee Says:

    I’m loving the eggs! That looks like my handwriting, too.

    …and that squid is the most adorable thing in the world. It almost makes me feel bad for eating calamari.

    Let’s see…I’m pretty paranoid about getting food on my face or clothes. I’m a pretty messy eater, too, so that’s not a very good thing to be paranoid about. I’m also paranoid about having people read what I’m writing over my shoulder. I’m also really paranoid that a lot of people don’t like me and they say nasty things about me behind my back(which is somewhat true, but I tend to blow it out of proportion).

  2. Laura Says:

    I’m paranoid about everything.

  3. Daniel Says:

    Being judged.

    I love the cuttlefish!

  4. Daniel Says:

    Oh, and I love the Oscar Wilde quote.

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