BEDA Installment Six: Who would have thought that the library has everything necessary for a Gene Wilder party?

Today was Wednesday Club on Monday, and it was absolutely epic. Rachel, Eleanor, and I ended up being the dynamic trio there, or so the story goes. Rachel and I checked our four Gene Wilder movies (!!!) for the Gene Wilder party we have always planned on having, which will hopefully and most likely be held during Spring Break at Eleanor’s house (if all goes according to plan, it will be in a shed in her backyard– it will be just like camping!). These included Young Frankenstein, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Blazing Saddles, and The Producers. We also found out that Gene has written two novellas, or at least two that we know of, titled My French Whore and The Woman Who Wouldn’t. We’re taking turns reading each of them, with me beginning with the latter title. And guess what? It was so fantastically good that I read it tonight, even in the midst of all of the activities that I will very soon describe.

Firstly, there was Wednesday Club on Monday, as I already stated. (oh yeah, and the library also has every episode of Twilight Zone!!!! that will be perfect for our Twilight Zone party) Next, we (meaning nearly my whole family, except my mother, Zinnia, and Lydia, who stayed home) went on various errands, also including Hour Eyes (why pay more?), where I finally finally finally got my glasses fixed (and it was all free of charge– isn’t that crazy awesome?!?). The nose resters (or whatever they’re called) were missing, and also one of the screws was placed incorrectly, and now it’s all fixed and I feel like my glasses are brand-new once more.

We also went to the pet store to take a look at the fish. I don’t have my tank set up as of yet, but I’ll be setting it up most likely tomorrow and then getting real live, actual fish this weekend, perhaps. Speaking of weekends, tomorrow is the last day of school before Spring Break! Hooray, oh joy of joys! I plan to spend much of the break reading, as I checked out six or seven delightful books of note.

I’m in an even more deliriously happy mood than usual right now, as I just finished my math homework and, surprise, surprise, I understood it! That hardly ever happens– perhaps I’ll manage a B this term. Then again, I would still be thrilled to scrape up a C like last term.

Oh yeah, so, the Gene Wilder novella I read– It’s about this guy named Jeremy (who is a violinist who suffered a nervous breakdown) who falls in love with a seemingly unattainable dying girl named Clara. It sounds a tad cheesy, I’ll admit, but it really isn’t like that at all. The style of writing is so breezy and cheery, even in the sad points, and, above all, it had a happy ending. There’s nothing I love more than a happy ending.

Speaking of happy endings (aren’t I always speaking of something?), I must be off. It’s nearing ten o’ clock, the time I try to be in bed by, and it will be hard enough getting to sleep when I’m this excited.

Farewell, my lovelies.

Question Six: What do you think of book endings, in general?

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One Response to “BEDA Installment Six: Who would have thought that the library has everything necessary for a Gene Wilder party?”

  1. Daniel Says:

    I think that if there’s a lot of drama and whatnot closer to the end of a book, and the characters are left with a choice basically, the ending should be incomplete.

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