BEDA Installment Four: What would the world be like without color?

I do ponder this, a world without color, but have come to the realization that I don’t want to imagine a world without color. Without us even realizing it, color dominates so much of our lifes. Without the many colors we as humans are accustomed to, if the world were in grayscale, life would be so completely different. I’m sure we would refer to colors by varying degrees of darkness and lightness, from white to black, but still, it would be weird. It would be like a world where everything is blue, or red, or any other single color in varying shades. I feel like, even if I had never been exposed to the colors we presently know, I would realize something was amiss in the world, something strange about the melancholy of it alll.

It is very lucky that I happened to go on the computer just now, as I am sure I would have forgotten to post tonight if I hadn’t. I’m probably going to be watching Tumbleweeds tonight, a movie that happened its way onto our Netflix list and which nobody has no idea who put it on. This happens in our family more often than one would think.

Today I finished the plastic bag bag. It turned out exceptional. The best part is that it’s actually pretty similar in size to an average grocery bag, enough so that it might even fool somebody if it were seen from ten or so feet away. I’ve been looking around and it turns out it’s also possible to make yarn by spinning tightly wound newspaper. I might try this tonight if I have time.

I also have some recycled sari silk yarn that I’ve been meaning to make something from (no, I didn’t make this myself– my mother bought it some time back and gave it to me after not using it herself).

Also today, I watched the remainder of Moulin Rouge, which I must say is brilliant. It’s very “visually stunning,” as the description says it is, and for that reason I felt like I was becoming very dizzy whilst watching it.

Other than the above and, additionally, watching another riveting episode of Dollhouse, I did not do much of anything today.

Oh, oh, oh, but my parents bought me a two gallon orange fishtank! I’m not sure exactly why, but I’m not complaining. Now I need to decide what type of fish to put in it. I’m thinking I will get two, perhaps one of those fish that looks like it has a brain sitting atop its head and some other one. I will have to pick out some fantastic, unwieldy names for the duo, of course.

I’ve never been much of a fan of dogs, but I must say this one

is positively dashing. Also, he/she is British, meaning he/she is even more amazing.

I knit a tad more of the seed stitch arm warmers today. They’re so soft, but have been taking a long time. I was just about to frog them, but then I realized I still had to watch the rest of Moulin Rouge and had nothing to knit, so I didn’t. I am, however, going to make them elbow-length rather than shoulder-length as I originally intended. I’m not positive I would have enough yarn for that, anyway.

Also, I forgot this too, but I knit ear flaps for a handspun yarn hat I made awhile back. They seem like they’re way too tiny for an adult-sized hat, but they cover my ears and that’s all that really matters.

So, now, I really must be going. (there’s that delicious sense of accomplishment again at having written a post at least six hundred words!)

Question Four: What’s your favorite jelly bean flavor? (I like french vanilla, juicy pear, and watermelon)


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  1. WillieNY Says:

    Ah, the land of the free!
    You have the right to free speech as long as you speak English.

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