I’m excited!  Also, I’m sick. 

I usually don’t get sick, so this is strange for me.  Even more unusual is the fact that I am actually MISSING A DAY OF SCHOOL due to this sickness.  I really hope I’m not still sick tomorrow, seeing as it will be April Fool’s Day, one of my favorite holidays because it gives me an excuse to trick people incessantly.

Yesterday, in case you were wondering, was my parents’ anniversary.  Part of that may possibly be attributed to my sickness, as we had Chinese food and, coupled with chocolate cake and the wonky strawberries I had with my lunch, all of that adds up to what is surely one of the most superior sicknesses around.

My self-portrait for Photography turned out swell, I’d say.  I wore my new purple hat as well as my grandfather’s glasses from high school, adding up to a winning glob perfect for pictorial combat.

For my own sake, I am going to now jot down a list of things I need/want/plan to do and always forget about. 

[1]Watch Doctor Who on Netflix

[2]Have a Twilight Zone marathon-watching party

[3]Put the tiny whale and Turnip in my backpack

[4]Finish Spherey

[5]Finish the fingerless gloves

[6]Make Rachel a perler beads gameboy in blue

[7]Stop caring so much about a truckload of things

I’m quite positively sure there are many other listules to add, but at the moment my mind has run away with me.

Goodbye, happy early April Fool’s Day, and happy early BEDA!



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