Most of what I thought I’d already mentioned

Well, this is strange, this is strange.  There are loads of things I thought I’d already posted about but, huge surprise, I just found that I hadn’t!  Thing number one is the concert, which I can distinctly remember writing about and which I am hugely shocked to now realize that I didn’t write anything about it.

It was amazing, it truly was.  Highlights included

1. The music, of course!  It was top rate.

2. Jake’s “approachable-ness” showing through once more– a whole lot of people came up to him about various topics, from borrowing 35 cents to joining a cult.

3. The “Guys.”  In addition to the Pixies Guy, there is now the T-Shirt Guy, who said Rachel was awesome, and the guy with the yellow hat, who, above having a yellow hat, had a stuffed caterpillar as well as a small monster-type creature.  At one point, apparently, he turned around and was talking to me for awhile, presumably about the click noise my phone made when I took a picture, but I thought he was talking to Jake and so I ignored him.  Oh, and there’s the Headbanger Guy, and also the Rat Race Guy (there are many “___ Guys”— Rachel and I made a list of some of them.

4. Everything else, including playing Tetris on Gameboy Color and also my phone, was phenomenal.  We ate Chipotle for dinner, outside on the sidewalk, and I felt free and rebellious doing so, which shows how normally pathetically “normal” and straight-laced my life is.

Now, about other things–

I’ve knit quite a few things lately, and pardon me if I mention one I’ve already, but here they are:

1. My first cabled hat ever, out of a very smooshy purple Malabrigo.  The colorway is Purple Mystery.

2. An orange neckwarmer that still needs buttons put on.

… actually, now that I think about it, I can’t really think of anything else I’ve made lately.  I am in the process of making another neckwarmer, a much squishier one, but I’m not nearly done yet.

Anyway, I’m being kicked ouff the computer now by Emma, and so I must now bid you all farewell.

Love you.


EDIT: And I’m passing Pre Calculus once again!  I’ve somehow scrounged up a 72%!

Also, for your information, today’s Wednesday Club was absolutely marvelous.

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