It’s about time I post again.

The only problem is that I have not done anything lately that I can remember, at least anything of worth to any of you.  Here’s a list of things that pop into my head, anyway.

-My math grade’s back down to failing mode.  69%.  I really hope it gets brought back up again before the end of the term.

-I’m going to a Mountain Goats concert with Rachel and Julie tomorrow!  Jake’s chaperoning us.  It is going to be EPIC.

-I haven’t done a HUGE am amount of reading lately, unfortunately, though I finished a halfway-decent mystery yesterday.  It is called Haunted Ground.  I’m somewhat far with Gene Wilder’s Auto-biography, which is definitely interesting thus far.

-I have, however, done quite a bit of knitting lately.  At least three full-sized hats, many miniature items of clothing, and a few mildly cute animals are now under my belt.  (That saying actually sounds disturbing, now that I think about it, but, then again, most things sound disturbing if you think about them.)

-Besides Math, my classes are going well.  A’s all around, I believe.

-I have skirts now.  Did I mention that before?  My grandmother taught me to use her sewing machine and I sewed 1.5 skirts, while my grandmother sewed the rest.  Now I have four, and time to wear my various socks and tights and such.

Hmm, now, anything else I need to add?  Well, the guitar recital went well.  It was on Tuesday.

-My birthday is nearing.

-I’m horribly, terribly happy right now.

-I found out the way to make apples and cinnamon oatmeal in the microwave without causing it to explode.  1 minute, twenty-two seconds with a smidge over 1/3 cup of milk, then stir and allow to sit until it’s thickened.

Well, that’s it today, folks.  I hope to write a longer post soon. (Don’t I always?)

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