Weeks later…

The computer!  And the internet!  They’re both back!

How about some up-to-date news, now…

[1]I’ve decided what I’m going to be when I grow up (that sounds so childish, but how other way may I word it?): a librarian!  This means that in college I will major in Library Sciences.  It also means that I will be surrounded by books for a living: how much more awesome could a job possibly be?  Anyway, so since figuring that out, I’m feeling much less apprehensive about my future and actually look forward to it.

[2]I knit fingerless gloves!  And a hat!  There is nothing else to say about those snips.

[3]I’m making a cake today that looks like an animal cell.  Actually, I already made it, but I still need to ice and decorate it, so I’m not exactly done yet.

[4]Recently I brought home even more free books from the school library’s discard pile.  These included two biographies, one on Charle Lindbergh and the other on Charlie Chaplin (and guess what?  the pilot who flew Lindbergh back is directly related to me!  I can’t recall his name at the moment, though his last name is either Farrell or Lackey [two family names- I can’t remember which it is]).

[5]Goodwill: my parents FINALLY brought me to goodwill, where I came out with a fabulous navy cardigan.  Also, speaking of clothing, I purchases two pairs yesterday, one pair of black cargo-ish pants (I think that’s what they’re called) and then some pale-ish purple pinstriped-like pants.

[6]Movies/tv shows I’ve recently seen: Doctor Who, Season 1, Disc 1; Dollhose, a new tv show; The Other Boleyn Sister, a movie; more Lie to Me, one of my now favorite tv shows; and I believe that’s it.  Just so you know.

Well, I have plans for watching some tivo’d shows and knitting until my parents get home with the decorating stuff for the cakes, so so long.  I will attempt to update this regularly but I’m not sure if I’ll actually end up doing so.

Your friendly neighborhood blogger,



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